La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
Interior BC (Kelowna)
About the BC Interior Section
Formal Name: Interior BC Section
Primary Centre: Kelowna, BC
Approximate Catchment Area: Southeastern BC

The Interior Geotechnical Group has active participants from across south central British Columbia, particularly from Kelowna and surrounding areas. Five technical presentations were organized in 2010-2011 and the Group assisted with the 5th Canadian GeoHazards Conference that was held in Kelowna in May 2011.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Interior BC Section consists of the following members:
Sumi Siddiqua
UBC Okanagan
Vice Chair/Past Chair
Dwayne Tannant
UBC Okanagan
Student Member
Stephen Renner
UBC Okanagan
Glen Rutherford
Golder Associates
Upcoming Events


Please contact the Interior BC Section at Kelowna@cgs.ca if you have any comments or suggestions.