La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
Western Québec (Montréal)
About the Western Quebec Section
Formal Name: Western Québec Section
Primary Centre: Montréal, QC
Approximate Catchment Area: Western QC

This section has members from all regions of Western Québec, particularly from the regions of Montreal, Sherbrooke, Outaouais, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Centre du Québec. The Western Québec Section hosts technical presentations between September and June, a student contest in March and a conference dinner in June. The following activities were carried out in 2016-2017: 6 presentations, a student competition and a conference dinner. For 2018, the Western Québec Section will offer the other sections of Canada the opportunity to participate in its technical presentations by videoconference.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Western Quebec Section consists of the following members:
François Duhaime
École de technologie supérieure
Student Member
Simon-Pierre Tremblay
Université de Sherbrooke
Gholamreza Saghaee
McGill University
Bibiana Narvaez
Ministère des Transports de la Mobilité durable de l'Électrification des transports
Philippe Legault-Capozio
NCL Envirotek
Dany Brault
Vice Treasurer
Alain Plaisant
CGS Section Director
Michael James
Vice Chair
Alain Plaisant
Upcoming Events


Left to right: Philippe Capozio (NCL Envirotek), Guy Doré (Université Laval), François Duhaime (Chair, Western Quebec Section), Michael James (IRME), Will McQueen (ConeTec).

Guy Doré ​was invited to give a lecture at the 2017 annual conference dinner.

Latest News
Reports / Documents
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CCLT - Vaughan Griffiths
Western Québec Section 2016 Annual Report
Western Québec Section 2015 Annual Report
Please contact the Western Québec Section at qcouest.cgs@gmail.com if you have any comments or suggestions.