La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
The Canadian
Education Committee
About the Education Committee
The mandate of the Education Committee is to identify and address issues and problems concerning all aspects of the continuing education of society members. The Education Committee is also concerned with the involvement of students in the Society, as well as the geotechnical education at Canadian universities.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Education Committee consists of the following members:
Pooneh Maghoul
University of Manitoba
Past Chair
Tareq Salloum
Vice Chair
Kshama Roy
Northern Crescent Inc.
E. Maria Skordaki
Royal Military College of Canada
Student Competitions
Ryley Beddoe
Royal Military College of Canada
CFG Fellowship Selection
Paul Simms
Carleton University
Ariane Locat
Laval University
Nicholas Vlachopoulos
Royal Military College of Canada
E. Maria Skordaki
Royal Military College of Canada
Ahmed Fahmy
Golder Associates
Mecckey El Sharnouby
Atlantic Industries Limited
Ramy Saadeldin
Cheng Lin
University of Victoria
Adam Sevi
Norwich University
Ryley Beddoe
Royal Military College of Canada

Webinar Series: Future of Geotechnical Education at the University Level

First Webinar'Animating Soil Models': Animations as teaching and learning material for soil constitutive modeling

Speaker: Gertraud Medicus, Postdoc Researcher, Department of Geotechnical and Tunnel Engineering, University of Innsbruck

Date: February 26, 2021

Second WebinarEmbracing Uncertainty: lessons from my journey from Graduate Research to Entrepreneurship

Speaker: Hamed Layssi

Date: March 26, 2021

Third WebinarGeotechnical Engineering Automation: Developing improved insights in ground data with Python

Speaker: Bruno Stuyts

Date: April 20, 2021

Fourth WebinarWriting about Teaching and HQP Training: An Editor's Tips for Grant Applications & Promotion and Tenure Dossiers

Speaker: Letitia Henville

Date: May 28, 2021


CGS Student Competitions

2021 Competition: The Call for Submissions for the 2021 CGS Student Competitions has been sent, and additional reminder emails will follow in the coming months. Submissions are due May 15, 2021. The competition will be completed over three months and the winners will be announced in early June, 2021. Once again the Graduate Student Presentation Award winner will be invited to present at the CGS Conference this Fall.

For more details, please contact François Duhaime at Francois.Duhaime@etsmtl.ca.


Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique Michael Bozozuk National Graduate Scholarship

The Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique National Graduate Scholarship, valued at $5,000(CAD), was established by the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique in 2007 on the occasion of the 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference. CGS Education Committee is administering the scholarship.


7th cYGEGC 

The latest Canadian Young Geotechnical Engineers and Geoscientists Conference was held September 26-28, 2019 in St.John's, NL. The 7th cYGEGC will be held in 2022, in Calgary, AB.



Following the successful GEOpardy! event sponsored by Golder Associates at the Pan-Am Conference in 2011 and the annual CGS conferences since, the committee will work with Golder to continue this event for the 2021 conference in Niagara Falls.


The Dennis Becker Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique M.Sc. Student Award

The Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique is offering a $5,000(CAD) award to a full-time post-graduate student at a master’s level attending a Canadian university whose research focus is directly related to the field of geotechnique.

The award is granted primarily on the basis of academic excellence, the purpose and relevance of the research project to the practice of geotechnique, and the quality of the research summary.  Eligible programs include geotechnical engineering, mining engineering, geoenvironmental or geoscience, engineering geology, and hydrogeology. Students who have displayed activity in volunteer or leadership roles in geotechnique will receive special consideration.  The Award Committee also requires that the supervisor of the Master’s student provide a statement endorsing the application.


Applicants must submit a completed application form available at the CGS Education Committee (see top right of this page) and the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique websites and supporting documents to the Award Committee. The required supporting documents are:

  • Transcripts of graduate level courses.
  • A statement of support from the research advisor endorsing the application.
  • A 500-word synopsis of their research project describing the purpose and relevance of the expected or actual outcome, and how it is expected to improve the current state-of-practice in regards to geotechnique. A statement regarding the expected time to completion of the thesis should also be included.



  • Students wishing to apply should have completed all course work in their master’s program.
  • Nominations are limited to one per academic department and can be made in English or in French.
  • Submissions are to be submitted electronically to the administrator of student competition award Dr. Ryley Beddoe at Ryley.Beddoe@rmc.ca.
  • Nominations for the award will be accepted until May 30.

Webinar Series: Future of Geotechnical Education at the University Level #1

Reports / Documents
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CGS Early Achievement Award
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The First CGS National Online Geotechnical Lecture: Doug Stead
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Please contact the chair of the Education Committee if you have any comments or suggestions, at Pooneh.Maghoul@umanitoba.ca.