La Société canadienne
de géotechnique
The Canadian
Geotechnical Society
La Société canadienne de géotechnique
The Canadian Geotechnical Society
The Canadian
Transportation Geotechnique
About the Transportation Geotechnique Committee
Within the Canadian Geotechnical Society’s internal framework, you will find the Transportation Geotechnique Committee (TGC). The TGC was originally given its status as a specialty committee under the Soil Mechanics and Foundations Division in September 2005.

The Transportation Geotechnique Committee's mission is to promote geotechnical engineering as a means of creating resilient and sustainable transportation networks.

The TGC's area of interest covers a broad range of transportation-related geotechnique topics including:

• Geotechnical design, construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructures
• Earthworks for transportation facilities
• The use of geo-materials and recycled materials
• Geotechnique design for roadways, rail lines, pipelines, sea ports and airfields
• Geosynthetics and their applications
• Ensuring the sustainability, ongoing performance evaluation and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure
• The development and application of risk management systems for transportation infrastructure, as well as the evaluation and environmental impacts
• Evaluation and mitigation of geohazards that could impact critical transportation infrastructure.

One of the major activities that the TGC conducts is the organization and coordination of specialty sessions related to transportation geotechnique topics, often in collaboration with the Technical Divisions of CGS, at the annual Canadian Geotechnical Conference. Recently, with the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic and the rise of online networking tools, The TGC has also begun to offer webinars to its members on various topics related to transportation geotechnique. The TGC also acts as a forum for discussion between industry, academics, and students regarding research, education, and training. The Committee also acts as liaison between the CGS and other transportation-related national and international organizations. Finally, it also tries to promote the awareness of transportation geotechnique within the CGS and the geoscience community.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the TGC consists of the following members:
Harpreet Panesar
SoilRocks Consulting Inc.
Past Chair
Don Lewycky
Vice Chair
Brent Hay
TREK Geotechnical Inc.
Ahmed Mahgoub
Member at Large
Jenna Roadley
Government of Manitoba

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Resource Links

Canadian Rail Research Laboratory carrl.ca   

The Canadian Rail Research Laboratory (CaRRL) was established to be Canada's premier education and research program in railway engineering. Housed within the University of Alberta's Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, CaRRL features a large dedicated laboratory space inside the Natural Resources Engineering Facility and facilitates world-class research in collaboration between academia and our industry and government partners.

Railway Ground Hazard Research Program rghrp.com   

Established in 2003, the Railway Ground Hazard Research Program (RGHRP) draws upon the resources of CN, CP, the University of Alberta, Queen's University, the Geological Survey of Canada and Transport Canada, with the objective of developing and accessing solutions to manage ground hazard risks in the Canadian railway industry. The RGHRP develops and evaluates scientific, technical and methodological solutions to support and enhance the Canadian railway industry's ability to manage the risk associated with ground hazards.

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Upcoming Events


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5th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics
Sydney, Australia
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Please contact the chair of the Transportation Geotechnique Committee if you have any comments or suggestions: info@cgs.ca.