Canadian Conference on Geotechnique and Natural Hazards

Conference Program / Programme de la conférence

Keynote Lectures

Gone Like a Ghost: The Ghost Glacier failure and subsequent outburst flood, Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park
Rupert Wedgewood

Ghost-busting: Risk Response following the Ghost Glacier failure, Mt. Edith Cavell, Jasper National Park
Pete Quinn, Matthias Jakob, Scott McDougall, Alex Strouth, John Danielson, Pablo Wainstein, Lukas Arenson, Alan Jones, Oldrich Hungr

The Johnsons Landing landslide of 2012, Kootenay Lake area, British Columbia
Peter Jordan

The Betsiamites-Colombier slides along the St. Lawrence Estuary: linking a 7250 years BP submarine slide to a 1663 coastal landslide
Jacques Locat, Geneviève Cauchon-Voyer, Serge Leroueil, Guillaume St-Onge, Denis Demers

Integrating Terrain and Geohazard Knowledge into the Pipeline Lifecycle
Mike Porter, Mark Leir, Alex Baumgard, Gerry Ferris

Tsunami hazard and risk in Canada
John Clague

Coastal Areas

Parametric study of landslide generated impulse wave physical modelling
Garrett S. Miller, W. Andy Take, Ryan Mulligan

Dams and Reservoirs

Review of Historic Floods in Hungary and the Extent of Flooded Areas in Case of Levee Failures
Laszlo Bodi, Laszlo Nagy, Attila Takacs

Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Large Complex Slope Instability: Case Study of Downie Slide, British Columbia, Canada
Kathy S. Kalenchuk, D.J. Hutchinson, M.S. Diederichs

Linear Infrastructure

Large-scale experiments on deformation of flexible facings used for slope stabilization
Piotr Baraniak, K. Schwarz-Platzer, M. Stolz, T. Shevlin, A. Roduner

Effects of Geohazards on Energy Pipelines: Technology Framework Supporting Engineering Design and Emerging Tools
Shawn Kenny, Kenton Pike, Bipul Hawlader, Ian D. Moore

Special solutions in hazard mitigation
Ahren Bichler, Gernot Stelzer

Anchors, Micropiles and GRS - Slope Stability Solutions on a Budget
Peter Bullock, Cameron Lobato

Field investigation to study the response of buried polyethylene natural gas pipelines installed in a landslide zone in British Columbia
Jeremy F. Groves, Dharma Wijewickreme, Bassam Saad

Effect of ground fault hazards on continuous pipelines: an approximate design framework
Pengpeng Ni, Ian D. Moore, W. Andy Take

Mapping the inaccessible with LiDAR and gigapixel photography: a case study from Norway
Matt Lato, H. Smebye, V. Kveldsvik

Geohazard Mapping and Evaluation using Softcopy and LiDAR Technologies
Dennis O'Leary, Robert Harris, Olivier Piraux, Anne Sommerville

Listening for Landslides: Method, Measurements and the Peace River Case Study
Neil Dixon, Alister Smith, Nancy Berg, Andy Take, Don Proudfoot

Discontinuity characterization and numerical modelling of the Paekakariki Landslide, Kāpiti Coast, New Zealand
Marc-Andre Brideau, Matthew Lawrence

Field monitoring and modeling of natural gas pipelines subject to ground movement
Mujib Rahman, Lalinda Weerasekara


Design of simple drapery mesh for rock cuts and natural slopes
Alberto Grimod, Giorgio Giacchetti

Caractérisation et surveillance d’un glissement rocheux actif d’une mine à ciel ouvert en utilisant le LiDAR
Martin Grenon, Philippe Caudal, Jacques Locat, Dominique Turmel

Underground Mine Surface Water Inflow Hazard Assessment
Robert McLean

A Framework for 4D Quantitative Back-Analysis and Estimation of Geotechnical Hazard Potential in Mines
John McGaughey

Multi-element Scenarios

Case study of a solar triggered persistent deep slab avalanche
Michael Conlan, Bruce Jamieson

Landslides on ice-rich slopes - a geohazard in a changing climate
Ryan Robert Lyle, Marc-André Brideau, Panya Lipovsky, D. Jean Hutchinson

Further Travels in the Canadian Cordillera
Marten Geertsema, David M. Cruden

Canadian Technical Landslide Guidelines and Best Practices for Landslide Professionals - An Update
Doug VanDine, Rejean Couture, Peter Bobrowsky

Modern Snow Avalanche Terrain Mapping for Industrial Projects
Brian Gould, Cam Campbell

Measuring fractal trends in rock surface roughness at the outcrop scale
Graham Mills, G. Fotopoulos

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves Test for Detection of Underground Voids
Hassan Ali, Giovanni Cascante

Simulation of the Motion of Semi-Coherent Landslides
Jordan Aaron, Oldrich Hungr

Finite Element Modeling of Uplift Pipeline-Soil Interaction in Dense Sand
Kshama Sundar Roy, Bipul Hawlader, Shawn Kenny, Ian Moore

Aspects of Risk Tolerability, Manageable vs. Unmanageable Risks in Relation to Critical Decisions, Perpetuity Projects, Public Opposition
Franco Oboni

Analysing ground temperatures and geomechanical mapping of the 2008 Signaldalen rock slide. A case study from Northern Norway
Regula Frauenfelder, K. Isaksen, J. Noetzli, M.J. Lato, H.C. Smebye

A Comparison of Rockfall Models Calibrated Using Rockfall Trajectories inferred from LiDAR Change Detection and Inspection of Gigapixel Photographs
Matthew Ondercin, Ryan Kromer, D. Jean Hutchinson

People and Property

Case study of a large snow avalanche in the Selkirk Mountains and reflections on the Canadian size classification
Bruce Jamieson, Ruedi Beglinger, Doug Wilson

A Century of Landslide Activity in Glaciolacustrine Deposits in Jeffersonville, Vermont, USA
Adam F. Sevi, G.E. Springston, Leslie Kanat

Stability analysis of a river bank slope with existing shear band
Rajib Dey, Bipul Hawlader, Ryan Phillips, Kenichi Soga

Rock Fall Risk Mitigation at the Clowhom River Hydroelectric Project, near Squamish, BC
Charles Hunt, Shelley Higman, Bob Patrick

Spatio-temporal distribution of mass movements on Mount Maunganui, New Zealand
Marc-Andre Brideau, Zach Martin

Mosquito Creek Debris Flood Barrier – The First Line of Defence in Protecting the Public from Geohazards
Jamie Stirling, Charles Hunt, Jack Price, Fiona Dercole, Michelle Weston

Hydro-geomorphic response to the June 19-21, 2013 storm in Canmore and the Municipal District of Bighorn, Alberta
Matthias Jakob, Hamish Weatherly, Ashley Perkins, Stephanie Bale, Jamie Sorenson, Rosie Howard, Roland Stull, Andy Esarte

Comparison on In-situ Shear Strength Measurement Techniques of Soft Clays
Jeff Schaeffers, Ilmar Weemees, Mark A. Styler

Landslide susceptibility and risk in Saint Lucia
Pete Quinn

Instability and geotechnical problems of steep rock slopes east of Cairo
Azza Elleboudy


Certified deformable rockfall barriers: tests, design and installation
Alberto Grimod, Giorgio Giacchetti

Assessment of the influence of the slope stability conditions of an inactive open-pit mine on the design of a nearby highway
Martin Grenon, Sina Amoushahi, Jacques Locat, Dominique Turmel

Applications of photogrammetry to rock slope hazard assessment for linear transportation corridors
Cara Kennedy, D. Jean Hutchinson

Construction of a composite barrier wall/rock shed structure at mile 109.43 of CNR's Ashcroft Subdivision
Matthias Busslinger, Tim Keegan, Bruce Willoughby, Tom Edwards, Matthieu Sturzenegger, Ann Wen

Rock mass fall – rock avalanche design loads for railway track protection structures
Matthias Busslinger, Oldrich Hungr, Tim Keegan, William Wu, Tom Edwards

Mitigation of the Belly River Landslide Using a Multidisciplinary Approach
Bryan Bale, Roger Skirrow

Monitoring of the Ripley Landslide in the Thompson River Valley, BC
Renato Macciotta, Michael Hendry, C. Derek Martin, David Elwood, Hengxing Lan, David Huntley, Peter Bobrowsky, Wendy Sladen, Chris Bunce, Eddie Choi, Tom Edwards

Spatial and temporal analyses using Terrestrial LiDAR for monitoring of landslides to determine key slope instability thresholds
Andrew Bell, Jennifer M. McKinley, David A.B. Hughes, Michael Hendry, Renato Macciotta

Climatic Influences on the Ashcroft Thompson River Landslides, British Columbia, Canada
Kristen M. Tappenden

Real time detection of rock fall events using a microseismic railway monitoring system
David Collins, Y. Toya, Z. Hosseini, C.I. Trifu

Slope failure in clay shale in western Manitoba: a case study
Jeremy Leigh Fiebelkorn, Marolo Alfaro, Jim Graham



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